Meza is for you

Wait staff are able to move around the venue using iPads to do table side ordering. No waiting in queues to use the static point of sale terminals to place orders. Menus are at their fingertips prompting them with upselling items and suggestions for customer orders. Wait staff can now spend most of their time enhancing the customer experience as they receive alerts on their mobile device when the food is ready for delivery, or when a customer requires a waiter or the bill.

Meza enables the duty manager to monitor the order flow through the venue, giving an overview of the tables, order progress, customer requirements and requests for a waiter or bill. Changes to the menu are easily made, adding any specials for the day or closing out menu items where stock is no longer available. Cash-up is simply a matter of selecting a button and printing a report. Now your duty manager is free to focus on the customer experience and improvement of service.

The chef and kitchen staff are able to have a customised order display that ensures each area can focus on delivering their meals efficiently. Alerting the wait staff when a meal is ready for delivery can now happen with the touch of a button. The solution also supports multiple print stations in your kitchen area and allows you to hold orders when required

Meza provides an overall view of how the venue is running from within the restaurant and remotely. Owners have real-time access to reports that are displayed in a simple yet sophisticated layout of tables and online view portals.

Through Meza Connect, customers have the power to call a waiter, request a bill, and view / order from the menu. Making your waiters’ job easier and your customers happier!