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MezaPOS integrated with NoahFace.

Adding to Meza’s VIP App for the patrons where dine in customers can order from their tables and the data is kept and used on returning customers,  NoahFace now enables the staff in a café to know takeaway customers’ names

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How to create a menu

How big should your menu be? What do you offer? How much is too much? Oh, the questions! Luckily, there’re some studies done on the matter. Not so much on menus, but more on how people make decisions. This is

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What to Look for in a Point of Sale System?

In many hospitality businesses, the point of sale (POS) is often overlooked or taken for granted. Having the right point of sale system in place could mean that your business thrives, not just survives. From the humble cash-till, to $100,000

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