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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to have internet?
Initially yes. The controllers must first link to the server to download the data for the venue and update any changes that may have been made to the menu. After the initial setup only intermittent Internet access is required.
How many iPads can the system run?
As many as you you want.
Which receipt printers are supported?
Meza supports Star printers! The models are the TSP-100 LAN, TSP-650II and the mPOP printer/cashdrawer. These can print logos and custom text that can be changed whenever you like!
We also support other printers. Contact us for details.
How safe is my information in the cloud?
All data is encrypted and transported over https ensuring that only you can access information about your restaurant.
Can a customer order a coffee on the way to my coffee shop?
Yes, customers can use our mobile App to place orders even when they are not in the venue.